Welcome to Values-Driven Publishing


Values-Driven Publishing was established with a mission: to support pastors and ministry leaders in their efforts to get Great Commission-oriented works in print and into the hands of the folks who will benefit from them.

VDP founders Marc and Cynthia Carrier are published authors. They have used a publisher and self-published multiple books. They also have a wide range of professional experience publishing and editing.Through years of first-hand experience and networking with industry insiders, the Carriers have figured out a whole lot of the tricks of the trade when it comes to publishing. In fact, they wouldn’t even consider going with a traditional publisher these days. It is both financially and logistically to the author’s benefit to manage the process autonomously.

So why start a publishing company?

Because they know that the process can be just plain confusing! The Carriers have set out to support the growing number of ministry leaders who want to publish works that really need to get into the hands of those who would benefit from them.

However, VDP is not like the rest. We personally consult with you, the author, and formulate the best strategy to take your materials to print and to market for the best value. Consult with VDP to discover the costs and benefits of managing aspects of the publishing (and marketing) process yourself, and what tasks it would be beneficial to outsource.

For those who need a helping hand, VDP will be there to either provide services or manage the outsourcing. Either way, your book will get in print and to the consumer at the best possible value, with you in the driver’s seat!